Alpha Ojini And His Army Of Lyrical Heavyweights Share Potential Hip-Hop Classic ‘Pop II’

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Nigerian Hip hop artists have recognized the strength of their individual contributions to putting the once sleepy genre back on the map. Today, in a showy move, a good number of the elite crop of Rappers, team up as a collective on an outstanding remix to Alpha Ojini’s earlier released Pop, aptly titled Pop II.

Drawing on the individual strengths of the lyrical giants that are currently leading the genre including Hotyce, Payper Corleone, Zilla Oaks, Psycho YP, and Vader The Wildcard, Alpha Ojini gives the weighty single the much-needed push out of his hit rife album, Chvameleon, it needs.

Over rich bass beats bordering on classic Hip hop, the eclectic groups mesh elements of Hip hop into an emotive confident anthem about their dynamic experiences in the industry and lifestyles, weaving sleek metaphors into persona defining allusions that will definitely throw their listeners into similar introspective sessions that bore Pop II.