Ashley CKS Shares Debut Eponymous EP, ‘Ashley’

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Afrobeat singer and The Plug’s latest artiste, Ashley CKS has released his debut eponymous EP, Ashley

On the five-track project, Ashley CKS draws inspiration from raw romantic experiences that his listeners will find relatable. Throughout the EP, he runs with his charming persona, displaying an armoury of never-ending flattery. He sticks to the romance-themed blueprint which leverages Nigerians’ affinity for love stories and romantic songs. One of the selling points of the EP’s opener, I Love You, is a pun that also speaks to Ashley’s love for football. Following the bass-driven confessional, I Love You, he continues with the romance theme, diving deeper into his heart on Broken, the only track with a music video. Ashley abandons the subtle arrogance of a self-assured lover that drives the previous track, I Love You and opts for meekness and humility in Broken as he attempts to win his lover back. On Commando, he panders to mainstream dictates with a nod to the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s brand of Afrobeat. Not only does he attempt to swoon over his muse with lavish promises, but he also tries to win the public over with the Saxophone-led instrumental. Ashley is a typical Nigerian loverboy and he sticks with it to the end. On Our Love, he unloads more incredible lines, only this time, he is bolder which is evident in his use of sexual innuendoes. Ashley ends on a danceable note on Sade, a song that pays homage to one of his influences, Adekunle Gold. 

Listen to Ashley here

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