Watch Beverly Naya in an Interesting Round of NdaniTV’s 37 Questions

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Beverly Naya Ndanitv 37 Questions

Beverly Naya is the latest celebrity on NdaniTV’s 37 Questions. The show unmasks the person behind the celebrity by asking a series of questions that touch on personal and professional subjects.

The star actress answered questions on her upbringing, her motivations as an actress, and her skin regime. Strangely, she was asked her most daring role. Duh. Ms. Naya doesn’t do daring. At least not yet. The Chief Daddy actress also touched on the effects of bleaching and colourism, and the story behind her documentary, SkinYou can watch the video below.

2019 has been a great year for Naya so far. Her documentary, Skin, has been well-received. She recently became a brand ambassador for beauty giant, Nivea. She is playing lead roles that deviate from her usual vixen roles. In Across the Rising Sun, she plays an overzealous detective, and in The Lockdown, she stars as a mid-level banker trapped inside the bank alongside her boss, his mistress and security.