Discover Buck Wise, The Marketing Genius Whose Novel Program Has Changed The Marketing Game

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Buck Wise, Chief Marketing Officer of Cardone Ventures, a Grant Cardone partner company, comes with years of experience that spans media, content, distribution, and marketing. As an executive within the world’s largest advertising group, WPP, Buck, led the global teams responsible for driving innovation for brands such as Google, Starbucks, and Nike, with a sharp focus on digital, AI, voice, data, technology consulting, education and connection.

Before joining WPP, Buck co-founded a full-service digital agency with clients ranging from Chevrolet, Valvoline, Major League Baseball to the North American International Auto Show. Previously, Buck was also the host of a highly rated syndicated tv/radio program with iHeart Media.

His result layered experience is one reason why in October 2019, he joined Brandon Dawson and the Cardone Ventures team as the Chief Marketing Officer, with a major focus on planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy for Cardone Ventures.

Already, the marketing genius has launched an online marketing essentials subscription program to help mitigate problems business owners are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The subscription-based program includes the fundamentals needed to scale businesses up to ten levels. It includes a marketing toolkit, podcast essentials, funnels 101, and a course on launching Facebook ads.

This toolkit is available on the Cardone Ventures website and Buck Wise can be found on Instagram.


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