Canabia And Vibedoc Team Up On Bass Heavy ‘Oh No’

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Canabia’s bass-heavy return, Oh No featuring Vibedoc is an upbeat potential party starter, a microcosm of the good vibes he is known to promote on his singles, such as the earlier released Teni-assisted Shaka. His penchant for heavy bass and lax but relatable and stirring lyricism is fast becoming the trademark that highlights his uniqueness and is likely to propel him forward in an industry saturated with like-minds.

Canabia’s narrative on Oh No is well worn but he attempts to set it apart with impactful rhymes that will not only put a smile on the face of the woman he is trying to woo but his listeners’.

Spykida’s resounding sound plane is also another impressive quality of the single and Canabia’s gripping use of it, even more so.


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