CC Ranking: Funniest Nigerian Artists On Social Media

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Nigerian artists are popping off for a number of reasons right now, but one thing that has definitely kept them in business is how much humour they bring to the entertainment industry. Whether intentionally or not, there are several instances of Nigerian music stars cracking their fans up and the best part is most of them don’t seem to care about the public’s sensibilities – if you find it funny, laugh, if not then don’t. 

Many artists have used humour as a relatable way to connect with their fans, with several stars joining in on hilarious TikTok trends, making an appearance in comedy skits and even showing their funny side through social media. 

We’ve ranked the funniest Nigerian artists currently and here are the results. 

12. Simi

Instagram: @symplysimi

Twitter: @SympLySimi

Being a wife to Adekunle Gold and mother of one has not stopped Simi from tweeting and having fun on her social media. Her online persona is funny because it never appears like she strives to be hilarious when she posts on Twitter. A bulk of her antics come from random tweets she posts concerning her family or moments where she engages with her husband on the microblogging site. “Gbegiri is disgusting. Discuss”. She tweeted. Her husband responds saying “Delete this”. She responds, “Don’t tell me what to do. I have your type at home”. There was another occasion the singer tweeted that “menascum” because her husband ate their daughter’s snacks. Or when she tweeted that her meat fell on the floor after having rice. Simi’s posts are evidently playful and she is an interesting personality, and a great interviewee. If you want to have a good laugh, she is one of the best to follow.

11. Teni

Instagram: @tenientertainer

Twitter: @tenientertainer

Easily one of the funniest Nigerian stars, Teni lives up to her title as an entertainer. Armed with an original sense of humour and a bubbly personality, Teni is one of those celebrities you find yourself wanting to be friends with. Before she even started officially releasing her music, Teni  would post comedy videos and freestyles to her Instagram page, which quickly won her a huge following (currently standing at 4.9 million). This plethora of hilarious videos and skits go as far back as 2018, and many of them are gifts that just keep on giving — still relevant and inducing laughter to this day. Her easy manner and relatability is one of the reasons fans love the durag-wearing artist from Lagos so much. Forever ready to clown around, the self-proclaimed Sugar Mummy of Lagos is clearly a natural-born joker, and her Yoruba-infused humour, which was produced sees her conducting an Oshodi bus with a big blue gele on her head, climbing Asake’s back or attempting to twerk vigorously, resonates with both young and old. 

10. Falz

Instagram: @falzthebahdguy

Twitter: @falzthebahdguy

Falz is one of the most hilarious artists who became famous through memes, his personality and talent. At the peak of his music career, he was funny, and his comical side translated into his music and music videos. Falz has great flows and hilarious punchlines which he delivers in a faux Yoruba accent that eventually became his identity. In the course of his career, several viral memes were created from his personal lingos like ‘Ello bae’ or ‘Weh done sir’. He is a natural entertainer who knows how to hold his fans’ attention through not just comical music videos but skits and short videos where he rants or makes an announcement. His amusing bits largely come from Instagram skits where he takes up roles and of course, performs in his typical feigned Yoruba accent. Even in solemn moments, like when a video of him shutting down rumours that he would be appearing at a concert went viral, Falz manages to stay in character and make you laugh. The rapper is still effortlessly entertaining and posts numerous comical bits on his social media. 


9. Zlatan

Instagram: @zlatan_ibile

Twitter: @zlatan_ibile 

Self-dubbed World President Zlatan Ibile is not afraid to display some comical energy while in the office. He is no stranger to picking up his phone to share his thought and opinions which often include entertaining and hilarious remarks. What differentiates Zlatan from other funny musicians is his energy and commitment to whatever character he’s trying to embody. Zlatan is not just funny when trying to promote new music, he’s also effortlessly humorous in interviews and it proves that even when he’s not actively trying to be funny he still has a way of making you chuckle. 


8. Davido

Instagram: @davido

Twitter: @davido

These days, being a celebrity is much more than just showing your craft and talent to the fans. If you really want the fans to love you, you have to be a good entertainer and be able to connect with them. One artist that knows how to do just that, it’s Davido. Asides his classic dance clips, the Fem star has a solid list of hilarious moments under his belt. Whether it’s the combination of his husky voice and his comical cadence, or the easygoing warmth and banter he seems to share with those around him, Davido has that effortless and almost unintentional humour that stems from his willingness to just goof around, have a good time (see what i did there?) and not take himself too seriously. From his hilarious bra-flinging video to teaching his logistics manager how to ‘suck’ an oyster, all the way down to his popular “recovery” video, Davido stays cracking fans up on social media on a regular basis. 

7. Odumodu Blvck

Instagram: @odumodublvck

Twitter: @odumodublvck_

It’s safe to say Odumodu is a certified clown in the industry. Whether it’s on his Instagram stories or his tweets, Odumodu knows how to get people laughing. Sometimes you begin to wonder if the dude has an actual problem and just can’t be serious but we know that’s not true. When it’s time to be serious, Odumodu also knows how to be serious. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he has some very hilarious verses in songs. M.I. Abaga even acknowledged how funny Odumodu is during a Twitter Space. If Odumodu wasn’t in the music industry he’d probably still be an entertainer making us laugh with his wittiness and unmatched energy. 


6. Naira Marley

Instagram: @nairamarley 

Twitter: @officialnairam1 

The most important proof of Naira Marley’s hilarious run is how much of a menace he is considered by the older generation of Nigerians. After his run-in with EFCC, Naira Marley decided to take his lemons and turn them to lemonade, leading to him being held responsible for the collective bad behaviour of Nigerian youths. Naira Marley’s Peckham/Agege upbringing gives his narrative an interesting spin and probably accounts for all the switches the talented artist is able to make in such a short period of time.


5. Don Jazzy

Instagram: @donjazzy

Twitter: @donjazzy

At some point we only knew Don Jazzy as the head of Mavin Records and a badass record producer, but now he has managed to leverage his humorous personality and social media (especially Instagram) to build his personal brand online. One of the most notorious narratives that Don Jazzy continues to push is his feelings for Rihanna. Not only has he come out numerous times to remind us how he feels about the singer and Fenty founder, but Don Jazzy has also dabbled in the skit industry. He has been featured in numerous skits done by Mr Macaroni and Broda Shaggi where he usually plays himself. Don Jazzy isn’t someone who even has to try to be funny. He’s just a free-spirited individual who has a youthful and entertaining energy.


4. Speed Darlington

Instagram: @darlingtonvibe 

Any Nigerian who has been on the internet in the last decade has encountered Speed Darlington at least once, and the chances of that singular experience being hilarious are pretty close to a hundred. Known by a couple of other names including Akpi and Speedy, the rapper is better known for his comedic videos than his actual music. In 2020, Speed Darlington made a video on Instagram where he called out a “Yoruba demon” who was impersonating him on instagram. Somehow, the imposter was able to get his fake page verified, leaving the real Speed Darlington with no option but to announce that the verified account on Instagram bearing his stage name does not belong to him. 


3. Prettyboy D-O

Instagram – @prettyboydo 

Twitter – @prettyboyDO 

Prettyboy D-O is popular for a number of reasons – his charisma, nonconformist style, high energy lyrics and of course, his sense of humour. His hilarious character is infused in every aspect of his life, including the lyrics to his famous hit single Dey Go Hear Wehh, “Dey go hear wehh brother dey go hear wehh

Like when my Mama slap me dey go hear wehh.” A few years back, D-O called out Nigerian airline Max Air after his flight was delayed and even though anyone else would have found it irritating, D-O managed to put his spin on it, turning it into a funny moment instead. D-O’s comedic angle also shines through in videos, recently he responded to comedian Chinasa’s question about wrestling “in the sheets” by clarifying that he doesn’t need to blow his trumpet and she should put the ladies on the line so they can speak for themselves


2. Mayorkun


Twitter: @Mayorkun

Perhaps, were he not in the music business, Mayorkun could have forged a name in the Nollywood comedy genre. He has the right set of qualities: some acting skills and a facility for melodrama. Nothing makes the case more than a video he uploaded to his Twitter page in November 2019. Clad in a bulky winter jacket, Mayorkun sits on a bench outside the Old Trafford Stadium, home of the football club Manchester United. Some minutes before, the Manchester club failed to win a Premier League game. Briefly, Mayorkun’s wrist goes under his chin, as if in rueful thought. Then he paces back and forth. There are no one-liners or punchlines. Just physical humour at its finest. 

1. Blaqbonez

Instagram: @blaqbonez

Twitter: @BlaqBonez

Rap battles are won using many verbal tricks, humour chief of them. Before getting signed to Chocolate City, BlaqBonez was a force in the Nigerian rap battle circuit, both on- and offline, using humorous punchlines to confound opponents. He carries that humour to his social media accounts. He combines it with an acute flair for drama, and uses both to perpetuate the BlaqBonez brand. His style of humour often features sexual innuendo, tongue-in-cheek remarks, and greatly exaggerated autobiographical facts. In July this year, he tweeted the image of a pair of female footwear and then urged whoever had left it in his house months ago to come fetch it. It’s not humor that inspires spit takes. But it gets you chuckling, while at the same time doing the kind of automythology heard in the rapper’s Sex Over Love album. The message is clear: BlaqBonez is so polyamorous, he sometimes forgets who is who.