Cheque And Fireboy DML Unite After Many Years On ‘History’

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Come-up stories are staples in musicians’ discographies, most never miss out on opportunities to relay how they came about success and what’s better than one come-up story on a song? Two, told by musicians who share a background; Cheque, famous for 2019 hit, Zoom and Fireboy DML are childhood school friends and on the former’s latest, History, they reflect on their past and how far they’ve come.

Probing unhealed wounds from previous relationships and darker times, History is as much about looking to the future as it is to the past. Recreating a moment shared by the pair back in the day, they fast forward to the present day image, where we find both of them living out their dreams.

With an accompanying video and another EP in the works, Cheque continues to challenge what’s expected from him and carve out his own style and sound.

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