Crayon Is Lost In Love On Jazzy New Single ‘Sometime’

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Crayon’s eponymous debut EP, Cray Cray cast him in the light of a lover boy wielding his charming persona and captivating vocals as weapons to navigate the murky industry. Since the acclaimed release, the singer has stuck by this brand image and as he climbs up the ladder, he maintains the impressive façade. On his latest, Sometime, accompanied by a whimsical lyric video, he’s a loverboy well acquainted with enough sweet words to re-orientate his muse who joins him in the landscape video.

Produced by Mavins Records resident Producer, London, the single is a drum-heavy and jazzed up love ballad that combines Crayon’s lyrical dexterity and charming persona with the rhythmic sound-plane to create an alluring ambiance where along with himself and his muse, his listeners can get lost in, appraising their own relationships and yearning for more.