D-Truce Unveils Music Video For Spaceships

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In May 2021, rapper D-Truce released his sophomore album Smoke Break, a medley comprising his most emotional thoughts and feelings. Smoke Break, the 11-track follow up to his debut album 2 Birds, 1 Stone released in 2019 was well received with praise for how well the artist channeled his emotions through his lyrics. 

Truce’s Smoke Break is a cathartic coming of age album, where he comes to terms with some of the issues that plague a grown up mind. The album takes you through the motions while dwelling on parallels, managing to be well thought out but carefree, touching yet defiant and compelling without being imposing.

D-Truce moves from genre to genre with the grace of a pro, expertly balancing sonic satisfaction with unique music progressions. A smoke break is a metaphor for reflection, time to take a step back and consider one’s actions and inactions, which Truce pulls off effortlessly. He transports the listener to a different dimension, allowing them to live his reality through a beautiful blend of sounds.

Now, a year after the release of Smoke Break, D-Truce has unveiled the music video for Spaceship, a smooth laidback track from his sophomore album Smoke Break. This release comes just in time for the artists birthday and one year anniversary of the album’s release. 

Spaceship’s video begins with D-Truce standing at a balcony and rapping in what appears to be a soliloquy. We follow the artist as he bares his mind and matches the impeccable delivery on the Spaceship record with his simple, yet alluring visuals. 

Catch the Spaceship video here.


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