Listen To Davido and Chris Brown’s New Release ‘Blow My Mind’

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It’s been a relatively quiet year for Davido, who has retreated into the confines of studios across the world when he catches a second away from the stage. As he continues to work on his second studio album, he has resigned himself to guest appearances without putting out any releases of his own so far this year. As Davido and Chris Brown share Blow My Mind, we better understand where Davido is headed and enjoy a preview of what the coming months will hold.

Produced by Shizzi, the song features a decent and somewhat restrained opening verse from Davido before proceeding to a jointly delivered hook after which Chris Brown delivers a romantic verse promising his mind blowing lover that “no one can change how he feels”. The song marks an improvement from Davido’s typical international collaborations and has the makings of a hit.

Photo Credit: Danny Visions

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