Deto Black’s Solo Debut ‘Tesla’ Is As Audacious And Smooth As We Expected

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A year ago today, Deto Black made her debut on a standout track, Body Count, off Odunsi’s seven-track comeback EP, Everything You Heard Is True, as a rapper with an edge. In the months that followed, theories and articles about her spunk and style surfaced online, the majority of them appraising her persona as a tasteful rapper. A couple of days back, she clarified she’s more than a rapper. In her own words, she’s said, “I’m a rapper but, it’s giving rock n roll”, today in a manner that appraises her journey from being the girl with an attitude on Body Count, she shares Tesla, a mild testament to her versatility.

Tesla might not the solo debut we expected in terms of quality and quantity and this is a result of its briefness plus the dominating percussions produced by Odunsi, which almost drowns out Deto Black’s vocals; the one feature that gives her the edge we’ve come to love. But, despite these seeming constraints, which might not be apparent to Deto Black as she appears to cruise the beat, her energy, and confidence from start to finish, Tesla, is Black in her element. This rawness helps us determine the inclinations she’s been hinting at on social media; that she’s a woman about her business and relationships, with no regard for negative energy. And, what better way to make a dashing solo debut, than a true representation of your character.