BOJ, Fresh L And Teezee Celebrate Ten Years As DRB With A Collection Of Their Best Hits

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Its been ten years since DRB stepped onto the scene for the first time as a group. Its been less since we were blessed with timeless hits like Toyin, Swagga Mi Gbona, Selecta among others. Clearly, no one has been taking notes because the announcement of a project encompassing their greatest hits took everyone by surprise.

The much needed throwback titled DRB 10 that contains a collection of tracks that mark the moment at which kids who seemed like they were chasing rainbows took the industry by storm and revolutionized it, giving way to youngsters like them to shine, comes at a time when it seems like we need to be reminded of the importance of letting musicians fly with their own ideas and influences, when cultures like the Alternative one are sneered at and most especially when it seems like we have forgotten about the existence of such groups like DRB and LOS.

The trio of Fresh L, Teezee and BOJ might have taken out time to perfect their own crafts with BOJ even stepping out as a pioneer of his own genre but going back to the drawing board is necessary and we’re glad its going to birth more projects.