Ecool And Myde Take Us To Another Dimension In Video For ‘Sobente’

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Since he transitioned into his identity as a musician, Ecool has taken every necessary step to ensure mainstream relevance. By way of consistent releases and optimal delivery, the DJ turn singer has proven; contrary to public opinion, he’s grounded in the singing aspect of entertainment. He’s also proven he hasn’t lost his ability to entertain and in the video for Sobente, the third single off his previously released EP, Newside, he moves in that direction.

Joined by Myde, a newcomer in the industry, Ecool with directorial assistance from Ahmed Mosh takes us through the dimension that inspires Sobente, one that combines life as a hustler with the fun lover. Davido joins the harmonious duo in the video as they calmly bring their words to life over The Wizzle Bblower’s jazz tinted drum dominant instrumental.

If there’s one thing Ecool’s good at, it’s passing his message across without relegating entertainment and he does exactly that on Sobente.

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