‘Garba’ Captures The Essence Of Jesse Jagz’ Nature As Man, Lover And Rapper

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So much has changed since Jesse Jagz debuted under Chocolate City in 2010 with Jagz Of All Trades. It’s been ten years since that stirring eye-opening debut on his path and that of the industry and not only has he traded his spot as an artist on Chocolate City’s roster, he’s survived waves of skepticism, come out triumphantly from different hiatuses and released four more albums. Jesse Jagz now identifies as an industry veteran and frankly, a contemporary Hip hop pioneer and in what makes for a searing sealant to years of music draught from the talented Hip hop artist, he shares the five-track Garba, a lengthy note penned from his depth to the world to witness and ruminate over.

Released as a five-part project with each track representing a chunk of Jesse Jagz’ life and titles that spell out the project’s eponymous title, Garba, is an amalgam of honesty, love, family, relationships and other intense truths that symbolizes his life, from start on the introductory track, G to finish on the outro, A, a curtain closer that spotlights the essence of Jesse Jagz’s nature as a man, rapper, son and lover among other responsibilities he’s had to assume in his life.

With just two features, his methodic punchlines, reverberating instrumentals, and his highly personal poignant stories, Jesse Jagz executes his comeback on Garba in a manner that speaks to his thirst for authenticity and integrity.


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