George Kalukusha, Mr Eazi And E Kelly Are The Perfect Charmers On ‘Tender (265)’

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George Kalukusha is an indie singer from Malawi whose brand is tied to his use of the guitar through which he strums along with the heartstrings of his listeners as standard practice. Last year, he shared his Empawa100 debut single, Honey, a charming but heartbreaking love ballad about unreciprocated love. This year, he returns with Mr Eazi himself on Tender (265), another acoustic-driven charmer that spotlights Goerge’s preference for matters of the heart.

With E Kelly controlling the outcomes of the sweet keys that accompany George’s even more honeyed narrative, the duo delivers a truckload of warm fuzzies stemming from the single’s narrative.

Although an unlikely pair, George and Mr Eazi, along with E Kelly make the perfect charmers on Tender (365).