GoodGirl LA Is Expressive And Emotive On Bouncy ‘Bando’

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GoodGirl LA is coasting off the high she got from Vector’s Early Momo, released a couple of weeks ago in grand style today proving in part, her narrative reservoir is limitless as she veers off course, telling of her desire to be free and have fun on her latest, Bando.

Exercising her choice of contemporary metaphors, in a bid to mask her raw intent and prove her creativity, she tunefully pulls us into the utopia she dreams up wielding bawdy words and sprightly percussions as her tools of choice.

GoodGirl LA believes she’s next level now and what better way to maximize her growing fame than an acknowledgment of her safe spaces and an increased desire to dwell in these spaces. She expands her sensibilities by opening it up to well-wishers asking them to join her in “trapping out the bando”.