Gramzunkut Set To Take His Music From The Bronx To The Motherland

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Born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, American rapper Gramzunkut got to witness the birth and evolution of hip-hop firsthand, and gradually made his way into the entertainment industry through street promotion and consulting for upcoming artists in the industry.

Having played his part in the rise of other stars, Gramzunkut is redirecting some of that energy to his own music. And so far, it’s been a good year for the rapper, with his singles Wanna Ride on My Wave and Whoa Girl becoming major hits amongst his fans.

His flair for unique African sounds has resulted in a few collaborations with a handful of African artists in recent years, including DonGtz & Master-kaySA. Although influenced by rappers such as Tupac, Gramzunkut is a fan of emerging rap styles, and hopes to continue creating music that reflects elements of diverse cultures.

Describing himself as raw and “uncut”, with addictive lyrics, delivery, and style, the rapper is enjoying the feeling of being heard and understood, urging fans to stay tuned for more GlobalThugz music and more exciting collaborations to come.

Watch a clip of his Woah Girl video down below:

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