How Technology Has Improved Our Lives

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In the last decade, technology has improved our lives significantly, different technological advances in various areas of our lives have been pretty memorable, and fast-developing all around the world. From entertainment to how we work and shop, every aspect of our lives have been affected positively due to science and technology somehow, and due to the hard work people have put in. One way or another, whether you realize it or not, your life would’ve been affected by a new idea or development within the last decade, and we must recognize and appreciate the efforts of the people in the industry for bringing these advances to our doorsteps, sometimes literally! 


Long gone are the days we are walking to the butchers, bakery, and Cornershop for your weekly shopping was the norm, now we have access to supermarkets with everything under one roof, and a range of technology available that makes the whole process much more manageable. We now have access to self-service checkouts whereby we’re able to scan our own shopping, there are click and collect options, where we use the Internet to purchase items and then just collect them in-store. We also have home delivery options now, whereby we don’t even have to visit the supermarket in the first place to receive your items. The technology behind this is advanced and complicated, we can look at the different ways in which this is used, but ultimately, the quicker and easier option is usually the one we like best. So if you’re able to place our shopping order online the day before, and have it delivered at lunchtime the following day, then that’s an advantage to us. Also, with the rise of companies such as Amazon, the expectation for deliveries on a whole range of goods and items, has been significantly increased. Many people expect anything they order to arrive almost instantly, and that is because that option has now become available. Due to the most advanced systems within warehousing and delivery services, we are now able to pick, choose, order, and receive delivery of our items sometimes within hours. 

Some people say that technology can negatively impact people’s jobs due to automated processes taking over, but a new role pops up every time quicker than the boss can google what are labor costs. Drone delivery services are being trialed now as well, so before long you won’t need to speak to or hear another person when receiving your deliveries, a drone will fly the item to your door!


Mobile communication is of course much more advanced than it used to be, mobile phones are now able to do a whole range of things and are now basically small computers in our pockets these days. The irony is many people no longer use mobiles to make actual phone calls, with all of the messaging services and emails attached to your phone, there is little need for voice calls. This keeps friends families and business people well-connected, however, and you should never miss a thing. With the creation of mobile apps and the whole new world of opportunities, this has created, there has been a vast market appear seemingly from nowhere. Everybody who owns a mobile phone now will have a range of apps on there that they favour above others. We can now track our day-to-day lives via calendars, run businesses via emails and CRM systems, improve our skills with training apps, and even take some downtime with the many mobile gaming apps that are available at the moment. We can also order our online shopping via mobile app, sometimes without having to do anything other than calling a few words into our phones. Even how we charge our devices have changed, and wireless charging is becoming very popular too.


The rise of mobile apps and the various different platforms such as TikTok and Instagram has ensured that The entertainment market, is once again thriving, with plenty of healthy competition. Entertainment in 2019 looks very different from entertainment in 2009 would’ve looked. We now have live videos and streaming via services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. We have music apps whereby music can be streamed non-stop. And we also have games that are created with augmented reality, as well as the virtual reality which, not so long ago would have only been considered a dream, and something that you see in the movies. We are all working harder than ever in our lives now, and having appropriate, positive, and engaging entertainment, will, of course, improve the overall Work-life balance, and ensure a happy, healthy mind.


Of course, it goes without saying that electric cars such as Tesla, have become popular in recent years and change the game when it comes to motor-vehicle us. Driving around cars that have zero emissions is undoubtedly going to improve everybody’s quality of life in the long run. Other ways in which technology has improved travel, are again via mobile apps which can track traffic and help you find a quicker route. Also, dash cams are becoming the norm, and they can be useful to prevent misunderstandings or potential accidents due to being a watchful eye at all times. We are also able to track things such as petrol prices and use the Internet to find the best deal for us on insurance and other car-related expenses which are a win/ win situation. So ultimately, technology as a whole has improved travel so that people can reach the destination quicker, with less stress, and by saving money at the same time.

Voice Activation

There have been some huge leaps in voice recognition, and using it to control devices, there are now devices you can own that just sit and wait for you to call on them, they are able to play music, search the internet and order regular products for your home if needed. There are many entertainment based activities with these amazing little ‘helpers’ and like many things in technology, it can produce some hilarious results when it sometimes mishears you! 

Why We Need It

A lot of what has been mentioned already has been lighthearted, however as technology advances so does medicine and the ability to be able to help people. 

Ultimately there are many reasons why scientists are developing different technologies, and brand-new ones at the same time. But at the end of the day, we can all do our best to make our own choices, and educate ourselves on how to use new technologies, especially if they have been created for the good of the earth and its environment. Also trying not to be too scared of using these technologies if you’re new to these things is key to making them work for you. Again reading a little about the subject and educating yourself will always be worth the while! And if you have children, you will know that they pick new things up so quickly, so swallow your pride and ask one of your children to teach you the ropes! 


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