Idris Lawal shares first single ‘Jordan’ from upcoming EP.

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Nigerian-born Toronto-based artist, producer and musician Idris Lawal returns this month with his brand new acoustic led single; Jordan, the first of three singles to be released as catalysts for his upcoming solo debut EP, set to be released in September and in the wake of his previously released mixtape; A Man & Amora.

Before Idris’s solo foray into music, he was the lead singer of the alt-pop band tadé, which released a 4-track EP titled Omo in 2017. Combining elements of Hip-hop, World, Afrobeat and R and B to create a truly unique sound, tadé offered a glimpse into what to expect from Idris Lawal’s solo project.

With Jordan, Idris Lawal offers up a strong show of intent for 2019, linking up with burgeoning Canadian producer Antion and Brazilian guitarist Lã, to create an alternative R&B/Hip-Hop masterpiece, complete with strong genre-fusing sensibilities, backed by an ethereal piano musical backdrop and lush guitar arrangements, and held together perfectly by Idris Lawal’s captivating vocal display, infectious delivery, and gripping lyricism which alludes life as a black youth trying to figure life out.

Idris Lawal shares first single 'Jordan' from upcoming EP. Stream here.

Jordan was written as a re-affirmation of self, perfectly typified when I sing, ‘I flew around the sun last year, like the gods when I orbit. Maybe I’ll land on the moon this year, but this not Jordans’. It is a reminder that we fly around the sun every year because of our innate greatness. ‘Jordan’ is also a proclamation of black, a reminder that the skin is a gift from God, for the soul to live comfortably in, ‘I spent some time with the sun, that’s how I got this dark skin’”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Idris says


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