Illbliss Sets A Politically Charged Tone For Upcoming EP With ‘Country’

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There’s never a bad time to dig into the shortcomings of a country and it’s government and coupled with the fact that Nigerians are on edge with effects of a global pandemic that has plagued nations worldwide, Illbliss’s target on Nigeria dubbed Country, couldn’t have come at a better time.

Aptly described as a social commentary, we find the veteran rapper going to war with the nation’s vices, wielding timeless bars as his weapon of choice over a resounding instrumental enlivened by strong bass beats.

From tribalism to lack of leadership transparency and even insecurity, Illbliss bears down on every wall that stands as a barrier to unity and progress in Nigeria. The Toye Aru produced single serves as a precursor to his upcoming social commentary leaning EP, God Made You King.

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