ISAH Lays Claim To Hip Hop Throne With Blighting EP ‘SARDAUNA Vol. 1 (Maktub)’

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Since he released his debut album Purple Heart in 2019 to underground acclaim, Isah has been pragmatic in his approach to creating and sustaining an adored image in the media, a move he led this year with the release of follow-up EP Purple Journal. Still trekking this path, the versatile artist who is mainly influenced by his personal experiences by using music as a form of therapy to express his thoughts and innermost feelings returns with SARDAUNA Vol. 1 (Maktub) this week, despite the current social climate.

Doubling as a social and cultural commentary which also juxtaposes his stance on a number of issues, the eight-track project serves as ISAH’s claim to the Hip-Hop throne in Nigeria.

With a tone that matches his evolving confidence in his skills and the quality of his music, ISAH stirs the surface wielding a heady flow that serves as the perfect booster to a barrage of heartfelt lyrics which he shows off in the same vein.