Jess ETA Finesses Lusty Desires On Buju And Inci Assisted ‘Body On Fire’

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Fresh off the release of the mood defining remixes for Balance standout, Pull Me Close, Jess ETA wastes no time in resettling in that sweet spot where joined by S’Bling, his laudable prowess meets passion to draw out a dense synthpop mix that serves as the basis for a tale of love and lust, titled Body On Fire.

Jess ETA is slowly but surely mastering the art of mood-altering fusions and while Balance was enough to show us he has gotten the hang of it, he goes further to show off just how much he has gleaned; Body On Fire is proof. With Inci coloring the background with sensuous ad-libs and Buju matching ETA’s passion on the second verse with just as lustrous lyrics, he’s left with just enough room to seal the deal with an immersive chorus, completing the atmospheric ambiance the combination of these features affords.

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