Jess ETA Processes A Variety Of Feelings On Sophomore EP ‘Balance’

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In a time where the music industry is heavily saturated with a myriad of heavy hitters, average joes, and underdogs, Jess ETA is unafraid to venture into it but that’s because his music by itself, is a unique identifier of not only his brand but his collaboration driven sound. It is off the back of this he shares his sophomore EP, Balance, this month.

Comprising six tracks, Balance is an EP that capitalizes on the flexibility of love as an expansive and one of the most utilized subjects of expression in music. He splits his talent the same way he makes an array of love between the six tracks beginning with the SGawd assisted Resistance, a pipe-y ode to his muse’s power over him. On this opener, not only does Jess reveal his vocal range and texture, but he also gives us a glimpse into his collaborative skills, which is brought to light via the sweet harmonies himself and SGawd create as they crisscross emotions. Pull Me Close, the following track is another variation of Jess’s fine armory of experimental sounds bordering this time on a fusion of Highlife and Afrofusion while retaining the same subject as the previous track. On More, featuring Zarion Uti, we get to witness Jess’s universal chemistry again as he shares the spotlight with the former on the borderline Pop tinged track.

The ambiance changes on the next three tracks, speaking to the well thought out structure of the EP. Not only do we get more out of Jess ETA’s sound armory, but we are also introduced to the other side of his heart, the one not favored by love.

Balance’s symmetry across every element that makes up the six-track project is the perfect plane atop which Jess ETA plays host to a range of relatable emotions, at the same time chairing and owning his orchestra and our attention.

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