Listen To The Mood-Defining Remixes Of Jess ETA’s ‘Pull Me Close’

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The music revolution has presented itself in so many ways in the Nigerian music industry. From experimentalism to sound fusions to collaborations and many other phenomena, artists have proven to be in sync with the progression of music. One artist, whose contribution to the evolution in the industry’s new school is noteworthy is the multitalented, Jess ETA. His last and most prominent release of 2020, the six-track Balance, a sonorous ode to love in its breathtaking and heartbreaking forms, served as a pedestal for his artistry, with its inclusion of key elements of the evolution including experimentalism. This year, he plants his feet harder on the pedestal with a remix pack for one of Balance’s standouts, Pull Me Close.

One of the fancier and more positive tracks on the EP, Pull Me Close is the perfect candidate for remixes with its malleability in sound, this is what makes the two revamps as striking but original as possible. Producer, Beezyx opens the pack with a snare and bass soundscape that will almost push you off the edge while the uncredited “Dramatic Version” features a softer but more daunting track.

Remix packs are not common in this part of the world and, with the inclusion of this in his discography, loose as it may be, Jess ETA informs us of his diversity and progressiveness.

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