Johnny Drille Heralds Debut Album With Genre Transcendent ‘Loving Is Harder’

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Towards the end of 2020, Johnny Drille achieved yet another mainstream milestone with Mystery Girl, following the extraordinariness of 2018 hit with Simi, Halleluya. With a career centered around his ability to break boundaries while toting sounds foreign to this part of the world, Drille continues to leap and reach newer heights, also made possible by his Mavin Records affiliation. Having amassed these varying but somehow cohesive elements together, his confidence levels are strong enough for a debut album and he leads the project today with Loving Is Harder a stringy and heady love ballad.

On Loving Is Harder, Drille rubs the surface of his genius with a Wilson Muzic orchestration of strings, percussions, and horns that breathe life into the smoothest of narratives. The sonic soundness of Loving Is Harder makes the tragic nature of its narrative, imperceptible. From Drille’s silky vocals to its soulful connection with the instrumental to the euphoric aura, the fusion of the two creates, the singer creates an experience even more immersive than the bounciness of Mystery Girl that not only speaks to his musical genius but readies us for what’s to come on Before We Fall Asleep his debut album.

In summary, Loving Is Harder even in its meditative state, is a single that reveals Johnny Drille’s artistic brilliance and his unwavering passion, which speaks to his grounded sense of discipline.

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