Discover Kaziahh, The Talent Manager Gunning For World Domination

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Kazeem Adekunle, also known as Kaziahh is a Nigerian lifestyle enthusiast whose eccentricity, resonates, and philanthropist nature, endears. Kaziahh also loves to travel, this combination results in the kind of exposure that opens doors to more interests.

Kaziahh is among the fastest-growing talent managers to look out for in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He’s currently handling the affairs of up and comer, McKay, who is putting finishing touches to his album. Kaziahh’s background shaped him into the budding music business mogul he is today. With roots in different cultures, his level of exposure is as wide as one can imagine. Although he was born in Otta, Ogun State, he later relocated to Canada. This, plus his position in his family, instilled a level of responsibility in him. 

Likewise, his educational journey imparted him positively. He recently told Soltesh Iyere that one of his most memorable experiences from school is having perfect attendance. Being a 90’s kid, he couldn’t have asked for better. This busy journey helped him discover himself. Growing up, he realized that he likes helping people find the power within themselves, and it gave him a sense of accomplishment. But in all these one thing remained constant and that is the importance of loyalty. 

Kaziahh has been in the entertainment industry for three years, and it’s been a journey of ups and downs. Talent is all good, but proper branding of the talent is what will likely guarantee success and this fact points to another that speaks to the toughness of talent management. Although he’s currently only managing McKay, the difference in goals with past clients made him switch paths. Presently, McKay is his major project. He claims they agreed on a realistic long-term project that will enable them to achieve their goals and visions and, to count as a step taken in this direction, he hints at a 2022 album release date for McKay. 

Speaking of his relationship with the singer, he says that they were childhood friends who became partners eventually. Kaziahh rates himself high considering his feats. The future of Afrobeat and its variants in Nigeria is amazing. He can see the way Afrobeats it’s brewing and he wants the world to experience this which is why McKay is currently on a pedestal and the world now exists as his oyster.

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