Kel P highlights current musical interests with The Sound of New Afrika Playlist

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Two months ago, Aristokrat Records the Nigerian entertainment company responsible for breaking acts like Burna Boy, Leriq, Pucado and Mojeed and currently housing Kel P, Ceeza Milli and TNeeya announced a new partnership with Universal Music Group which includes a label deal with Universal Music France and a publishing deal through Universal Music Publishing Group.

Under the deal, Aristokrat is seeking to continue its culture of developing fresh African talent and then launch these artists on the world scale through Caroline France, a Universal Music France subsidiary. The label’s first project, The Sounds of Africa, is said to be coming in August and expected to feature Kel P, T’neeya and Jujuboy, the three artists Aristokrat is floating the partnership with Universal with and more.

As part of the engagement strategy, Producer Kel P is curating a playlist: The Sound of New Afrika designed to help improve his visibility via showcasing his current musical interests.

Listen to the playlist below.

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