Witness The Many Layers Of Kenah On Her Debut EP ‘3:05 Musing’

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The Nigerian music industry has witnessed an influx of new millennium artists in the past couple of years. While the majority tout their fresh perspectives as their selling points, others like twenty-year-old Kenah draws credibility from not only her talent and this original outlook on music, but her resilience – which took her from the church choir to social media to a record label – and her experience inspired diversity. Kenah is not just a space-filler in the industry now, but a budding commandeering presence, carving a niche in the league of successful Gen-Z artists. Bridging worlds by way of a limitless approach to music, Kenah delivers her debut EP titled, 3:05 Musing just in time for summer.

The seven-track EP reveals a multi-layered artist who not only delivers solo performances across the entire EP but also explores and addresses these layers individually, in a way that speaks to the kind of polarity only found in industry greats. 3:05 Musing also exposes Kenah’s ability to tell stories with so much fluidity.

Speaking about the EP, Kenah says,

3:05 Musing is a quick reflection of different stages in my life. It is purely a collection of love, pain, sweat, and memories of both good and trying times. I like to refer to it as a painting using different colors to create one beautiful piece of art. It incorporates different sounds for different times, different rhythms for different minds, and different feelings for different vibes. Creating 3:05 Musing was a life-changing experience. I couldn’t be prouder of the work I put in to create this EP because every single track was better than the last and that convinced me that I was doing good.

With its roaster of laudable producers whose expertise in different genres has put them at the forefront of the industry, 3:05 Musing boasts of individualistic singles that glorify Kenah’s diversity, portrayed as a range of stories for varied experiences and sounds for different moods. The bass that elevates opener, Jojo attests to this, the sultriness and hedonism that drives tracks like Closer is also proof, and the tempered percussions that close out the EP on Energy (Jameson), is heavy on the versatility, Kenah prides herself on.

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