Kima Otung Explores the Struggles of Black Women on ‘We Are Not Soldiers’

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As she builds up to the release of Note To Self, her debut 5-track body of work set on empowering women from all walks of life, Kima Otung sustains the momentum with We Are Not Soldiers. 

This single captures the shared experience of black women – constantly seen as strong but not seen as vulnerable; women who do get hurt and who do crumble under the pressures of life sometimes. Speaking on her larger inspiration, she said

“Being labelled as strong can be damaging. It often means that people won’t treat you with the level of care and consideration that they would others, and they’ll pile things on your plate because you’re “strong” and should be able to handle it. We have seen some effects of this with black women being 5 times more likely to die during childbirth in the UK, and black women being expected to carry the mantel when it comes to fighting racial injustice. We are no stronger than anyone else, we are not soldiers.”

Kima’s mission with her music is to serve as a voice in the ear of every girl teaching them to counteract the negativity that society can often harbor. To that effect, the name of the EP was inspired as being a source of recourse for herself when faced by moments of doubt.


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