Ladipoe And Buju Are Charged With Emotions On ‘Feeling’

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The last time we heard from Ladipoe, he was staking his claim to rap royalty on Rap Messiah, however, on his latest, Feeling, it’s all good vibes this time as he employs Buju to lead with his off-kilter vocals to deliver music meant for good times.

As usual, Ladipoe’s ingenious writing and immaculate delivery are at the fore, further solidifying his place as one of the country’s best lyricists and the self-dubbed true leader of Nigeria’s hip hop revival. This combination with Buju’s vocals and Andre Vibez’s production makes for the perfect escape the single is meant to be.

Feeling presents a sonic reprieve from our problems as Ladipoe raps about the need to find happiness even in the face of challenges. Life is short and the pursuit of happiness is what keeps us going. Here, Ladipoe and Buju say we should take a break, throw our hands in the air and let go.