Watch The Heartfelt Video For Ladipoe’s Hit ‘Know You’

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Ladipoe took several steps away from core Hip-hop earlier this year when he shared the spotlight with Simi on social media viral hit, Know You. As he digs deeper into the mainstream this week, he shares the much-anticipated video for the hit single directed by DK.

A much better spin on the numerous melodramatic cover videos released across various social media platforms, the retro video is very Ladipoe-esque, in the sense that it hovers in a swirling mist of nonconformism and mainstream to deliver a perfect fusion of both, one that will definitely guarantee him a spot in every sect of the society.

The whimsical video opens up with a scene of Ladipoe getting acquainted with the woman who inspires the song before delving into more charming vignettes of the relationship that blossoms throughout the video.

Though Simi is conspicuously missing from the video, Ladipoe masterfully takes charge of their famed interpretation of the acclaimed song.

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