Watch The Mesmeric Video For The Acoustic Version Of Lady Donli’s ‘Rockstar Parole’

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Before 2020 ended, Lady Donli offered the acoustic version of her 2020 solo debut and rebirth narrative, Rockstar Parole, an interpolation of her cash mummy persona borne on her journey to her debut album, Enjoy Your Life, and the newly birthed Space Whore persona.

On this acoustic revamp which is accompanied by a Sochstar directed video, a languid affair that casts Donli in the light of a mesmeric go-getter, she serenades us despite the brazen attitude behind her cocky words. Flo the Guitarist assists her with an onslaught of sweet chords that is the perfect accompaniment to her confession.

What’s a Lady Donli piece without an appreciation of early millennia Nollywood? In the video, while she performs, the TV beside her plays an old Nollywood clip of women mirroring her attitude in the song.


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