Lisa Viola Teams Up With Majeeed On Swirling Ode To ‘Lagos’

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Fresh off their label debut, Ogaju, Lisa Viola, and Majeeed return as a duo this time on Lagos, the latter’s latest.

Produced by Duktor Sett, Lagos is a Highlife single infused with core Afropop elements, heavy on its employment of synthesized keys and lenient on the bass side. Intimate, laid back, and elegantly garnished with thoughtful lyrics and the duo’s smooth vocals, it encapsulates their experience of Lagos in an unexpected but still relatable way that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Brimming with an uncharacteristic fusion of realism and hope scattered across smooth metaphors that speak to their romanticized outlook on their futures in the city, Lagos poses the thought and prospects of greatness in a swirling mix of Afropop inspired atmospheric synths and pads.

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