Logos Olori’s Debut Project “Olori (The EP)” Explores Freedom, Love And Prosperity

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For Logos Olori, the year 2023 was a remarkable one, heralding his meteoric rise on the music industry, including a Grammy recognition for his contribution to Davido’s chart-topping hit Unavailable ft. Musa Keys. The fast-rising music artiste makes a more enduring impact with his latest, highly anticipated work, Olori EP. The 7-track progressive and experimental medley showcases the do-it-yourself spirit of Logos Olori, with him serving as the sole writer and performer. Listeners are further drawn towards his sonic universe, with each track creating an enrapturing experience that is a mixture of lucid and dreamy synths alongside the Afropop nuances that catapulted this breakthrough artist to recognition. His addictive melodies flow effortlessly, crafting a sincere narrative that mirrors the peaks and valleys of Logos Olori’s recent years—a period marked by his departure from the familiar streets of Ajegunle, Lagos, to his sojourn in Dubai, only to return to Lagos and secure a pivotal signing under Davido’s DMW imprint. Notably, he was later featured on Davido’s Timeless album, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. 

Regarding his debut EP, Logos Olori says: “Like water life flows, ever changing while taking different shapes and circumstances on a journey. We are Free and the aim is to always be free. Join me on this Journey as we travel deep within ourselves while experiencing the bliss of the vibrations of every tone. From the drums of APAPA to the sweet Chords of Olori. Every song is an experience in itself.  This is Logos Olori, The free.”

On Olori, each track unfolds like a page torn from Logos Olori’s’ personal diary, weaving a tapestry of diverse tales and showcasing profound personal growth. This attests to Logos Olori’s remarkable ability to craft a sonic universe uniquely his own. The EP commences with the title track, Olori, where the artiste expresses his emotional concerns, strengthening the overwhelming desire for a significant other. Next comes Easy On Me ft. Davido, which captures a captivating night club scene, smoothly blending the artiste’s distinctive sound with Davido’s style. The Amapiano-powered Push It is poised to be an immediate fan favorite, while My Darling shows the artist’s profundity. Apapa and Hmm Hmm introduce energetic joints  to the project. The EP peaks with Murder, which adds a new dimension to his musical journey, encapsulating a range of feelings and experiences. 

Born Olamilekan Emeka Taiwo, with his roots traced from Osun State to Delta via familial ties, Logos Olori is one of Nigeria’s fast-growing artists. He is known for his distinctive musical style influenced by an eclectic range of artists, including 2Baba, Wizkid, Skales and legendary pop star Michael Jackson. The name “Logos” signals profound metaphysical and spiritual significance for the artist. Derived from Greek, it represents the creative force of the universe, making Logos Olori a channel for that divine energy in the realm of music. This concept adds a deep and spiritual layer to Logos Olori’s identity, reflecting his belief in the transformative power of creativity.

From high school days of pooling resources with friends for their inaugural studio session to his evolution, Logos Olori’s dedication to self-expression and exploration remains palpable in his sonic craft. His latest body of work signifies a transformative juncture in Logos Olori’s life, encapsulating a myriad of experiences that have made him the artist he is today. Exploring themes of love, prosperity, and positivity, Logos aspires to establish a personal and emotional connection with listeners. Beyond a reflection of his personal journey, his latest work of art invites listeners and fans to find solace, inspiration, and relatability in the universal aspects of the human experience.

Olori is available on streaming platforms. Listen now.