L.O.S Music Makes A Striking Comeback With Three-Part Project ‘Tribe’

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L.O.S is back and along with a three-track comeback EP titled Tribe, they end years of a painful hiatus with the magic that made them worthy pioneers of the new school toting singles like Magic, On Fire, Paparampe and many more. For fans that have stuck it out for years and expectant listeners anticipating a return of the diverse four-man band, knowing that when you combine Tomi Thomas‘s deep bass yet riveting vocals with Zamir and Bridge’s edgy, structured flows and BrisB’s signature off-kilter delivery, you get a transcendent piece is as comforting as the group’s return. The three-track EP delivers the exact dose of this, rhythm, rap, melody and weighty words laid out over compelling instrumentals.

Tribe is immersed in reverberating synths that speak to the group’s evolution and while it’s different from what we grew up listening to, it’s proof that they are thriving with potential and bouts of experimentalism signature to their brand.

Enveloped with three winding tracks, from the funky and introspective opener, Didn’t Know produced by Smallz and Cubix to the bass-heavy Language driven by the methodic flow we’ve come to associate with Zamir’s artistry and the compelling Emotions, the refreshing EP displays that the true sound of the new school, only immersed in evolution, is making a comeback.


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