Loti Taps PsychoYP, Eeskay And Magna. On Trap Fusion ‘Dkm (Ma Pa Mi)’

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Having developed a persona as a social media darling and built a sturdy foundation on it, Loti is now gradually stepping away from its constraints. Since, the release of his five-track collaboration with KD, Sins & Scenes, he has been building a personality characterized by grown and sexy elements scattered across lyricism, articulation, and sonic ambiance. Today, as he makes a return with PsychoYP, Eeskay, and Magna., he inches closer to complete immersion in noticeable evolution on the fruity single titled Dkm (Ma Pa Mi).

Dkm (Ma Pa Mi) is fruity in the sense that it’s flagged off by a cocktail of pipe-y synths reminiscent of an orchestra. And, it serves as the perfect opener for Magna.’s barrage of bars that sets the pace for the remainder of the quartet to deliver an immersive Trap fusion that although is a break from the norm for Loti, is a movement in the right direction.

Present as the bridge that links the trio of rappers together, Loti delivers a chorus that does a great job of referencing his growth so far and proving an outlook of what’s to come, for himself and his budding fanbase.

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