Maison2500 Knows Just How Much He Is Worth On Trap-Inspired ‘Methamphetamine’

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Maison2500 has been able to fully accommodate a prominent shift in sound in the past couple of years that have hosted his rise to relevance in the archetypal dimensions. Fully immersed in artistry characterized by key elements of psychedelia, he’s at the forefront of the trap movement in Nigeria’s Hip-hop scene, and with his well-paced releases, he leads a fanbase that creates quite the buzz about each of these releases. His latest, Methamphetamine, is no different.

With its hollowed chords, punctuated by vibrating bass, both of which are signature to the trap sound, Methamphetamine is a heady view of Maison2500’s desires, from drugs to women, to goals and family perceptions. In a way that matches his stimulant-laced mind, the single is laced with the rapper’s breezy and careless personality, masking his vices and instead, leveraging the ease at which he projects his brand of trap music.

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