Summer Comes To Life On Kah-Lo And Michael Brun’s Collaboration ‘Melanin’

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Fashionably vivacious and soulful with tentacles spread across continents, Kah-Lo makes a return this week with Haitian DJ, Michael Brun on self-appraisal, Melanin, an ode to black women like her that nests in a sweet fusion of her fierce personality and Brun’s galvanic percussions.

As is the norm for Kah-Lo, she brings the fruitiness and tropic nature of summertime to life with lush lyrics that allude to the freedom that comes from being comfortable in your skin over the perfect instrumentals provided by Michael Brun. Building on the back of her previous relationships with DJs and Producers like Brun, Kah-Lo synchronizes perfectly with him, and together, they revive our summer spirits with Melanin.