Mike World Wears His Heart On His Sleeves On Bass Heavy ‘Focus’

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For those who have been paying attention to Mike World, his back to back release of singles indicates the possibility of a project looming on the horizon, an exciting prospect for the promising artist. As a follow-up to his last single, What You Want, released two months ago, he returns with his sophomore single of the year titled Focus.

Produced by Baka and $hadow, the anthemic love song steeped in a fusion of Trap tinged Hip-hop combined with Mike World’s RnB demeanor, proves the depth of his creative well more than What You Want does and exemplifies his easy charisma.

Though expressed in the blueprint lyricism for songs like this, Focus does point to Mike World’s versatility, in the way that he spins the worn narrative and throws himself into his very personal and direct performance, making the single as captivating and relatable as the next topnotch love song.


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