Mo’Believe Shows Off His Range On Sophomore EP ‘Big Daddy Mo’

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Having previously gone down the EP part as a budding artist in a space that struggles to embrace non-conformists, Nigerian Urban Folklore singer, Mo’believe has impressively mastered the art of delivering narratives from an antiquated point of view, a move now signature to his strictly cultural brand and one that has set him apart from your average rookie on the rise. Running on the same energy that fuels his Yoruba articulated offerings which are often the wave on which most of his stories ride on, he returns with sophomore EP, Big Daddy Mo, a sound journal which he uses to project the tale of his endless pursuit of what can be described as young love.

On this EP which plays out like a movie, his new moniker, Big Daddy goes from a natural desire to resentment, playing to his imaginative storyteller persona. Mo also jumps from sound to sound as he does with his feelings on the EP. From Fuji to neo Highlife and even Afro-Pop, he makes a play at every element that’s a great fit for the whimsical project.