Muyiwa And Bankyondbeatz Are Licensed To Charm And Coax On ‘Don’t Stop’

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There’s no stopping Bankyondbeatz and Muyiwa Akhigbe now that the reception gotten from the release of their debut collaborative project, Hard Guy, has put a seal of approval on the quality and relevance of their seemingly profitable partnership. The duo makes their way out of the shadows this week with an alternative take on their signature mellow cadence on Don’t Stop, an upbeat profession of their intentions for their muses.

As is the norm with the harmonious duo, they split the glory and the work equally. While Muyiwa takes on the smooth and charming articulation of his feelings, Banky provides him with a spirited fusion of talking drums and melodic percussions to accompany his emotive but mood uplifting outpour.

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