New World Ray Shares Video for Postcode off Upcoming Album.

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New World Ray channels creativity into Postcode video.

The idea that first impressions go a long way is one acts like New World Ray and Pretty Boy D-O have shown us with their first explorations with visuals. For Ray, it was Love Physical which he now follows up with his second video, Postcode.

The video begins with a drunken New World Ray stepping out of a car after a crash and staggering across a tunnel and while it may not have been intended its another subtle reminder of why it is important not to drink and drive. The rest of the video features unsequential shots of different types which have been plastered together by stellar editing from its directors, Kunography and Chauffeur as the unconventional artist raps about love and cutting ties on the record we believe shall feature on his debut album.

With this video, New World Ray takes a step some most of his New World No Politics Mob partners have yet to take as he continues to channel his energy into visual creations of a quality that everyone can endorse.

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