OchoForeign And Waje Are Tag Team Lovers On ‘Chinese’

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Duets released in time for or during valentine’s day, usually go on to become classics not because they’re resurrected annually but because most times, the artists are strongly intoxicated by love making them come off as charming. On their debut collaboration, Chinese, OchoForeign, and Waje over sweeping Afro-fusion-inspired instrumentals confess their feelings for their muses also fronting their chemistry and silky vocals, submitting the perfect valentine’s day entry.

Although they take turns to put out their confessions and largely avoid harmonies, the harmonious duo’s chemistry is topnotch and makes the delivery of other elements much easier. OchoForeign’s individuality and power is felt in the way he paves the way for Waje, a vocal powerhouse and industry veteran, a contrast to his neophyte status, to take center stage, while, Waje’s as usual is in her voice and candor.