Odunsi Shares Unfinished Version Of ‘Luv Issa Drug/Flood My Wrist’

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Spurn by the circulation of an unreleased version of an unfinished single, Odunsi shared titled Luv Issa Drug/Flood My Wrist via Soundcloud yesterday.

In typical Odunsi fashion, the two-part single is a fusion of the heady sounds we have come to associate with him. His spacy performance is also an indication of what phase of his evolution the single was created in. On the first single, Luv Issa Drug, Odunsi speaks on the intoxicating quality of love while he moves on to his lifestyle on Flood My Wrist.

Odunsi is at a point in his career in which he’s not moved by demand anymore but paces his releases according to seasons which is why the malleability displayed when fans clamored for the release of Luv Issa Drug/Flood My Wrist, is a welcome surprise.

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