Oma Mahmud And Fasina Team Up On Acoustic Rain Of Emotions ‘One Man’

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Oma Mahmud Processes A Heavy Heart on Broken Promises

Since he stepped onto the scene, Oma Mahmud has been flexing his ability to exist as an artist in different dimensions and variations as evidenced in the rollercoaster of narratives he’s fronted on singles this year. Just after the release of the society conscious Lady Donli assisted Jalo which found Mahmud utilizing his music as a voice of the people, he returns as a lady charmer on One Man, an acoustic-driven love ballad complete with a genre-bending instrumental.

Assisted by Fasina, famous for his hazy bass vocals, Oma Mahmud aims to please with a self-assured narrative that posits him as the perfect man for his lover. The duo exercises the echoing chords delivered by Michael Idornigie to the best of their abilities with Fasina taking on the verses and Mahmud on a detailed hook more catchy than the single’s alluring chorus.

Stream One Man here.

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