Watch The Dramatic Dammy Twitch Directed Video For Oxlade’s ‘DKT’

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Oxlade has mastered the art of telling love stories that enliven and enchant within a very short timeframe of being a fixture in the industry. His debut EP, Oxygene, is a six-track testament to this fact. On top of the charm he possesses, he pushes his intensity as another important factor that influences the silvery nature of his tongue; in the just-released video for the earlier released fan favorite, DKT, this is on full display.

Mirroring his lax attitude in the song, Oxlade takes on the role of dotting lover in the video, one that appreciates his muse in the background, a move that highlights her importance. This perceived calmness quickly takes another turn when the things that drive him crazy, come to the fore.

Perhaps a result of his charm or sultry focus or a combination of both, but the chaos he bemoans almost goes unnoticed, a laudable guise and proof of Oxlade’s engaging artistry.

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