Oxlade Wears His Heart On His Sleeve On DKT (Dis Kind Ting)

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Several months ago, Oxlade released his debut EP to fanfare which led to a befitting explosion of his brand. Powered by syrupy vocals his listeners can’t get enough of, he’s received the kind of attention only explosive stars have access to and in a climate that hosts mercurial decisions spurred by his kind of fame, he shares DKT (Dis Kind Ting) today, a springy love ballad released exclusively on Soundcloud.

Oxlade is spurn by love on DKT and he doesn’t hesitate to express his distaste for his situation albeit in a tasteful way. Over Tobithegem’s pipey instrumentals, he layers emotion over emotion wrangled with the sweet sound and accompanied by his even more charming aura.

Oxlade is on way to even bigger things than he’s experienced already and with decisions like the lone release of DKT echoing his knowledge of the industry, his potential expands.

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