Phatiah Taps Destiny Boy for ‘Jeje’

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Over the last three years, the scope of Nigerian pop music has evolved to be inclusive of every demographic within its core, leading to the rise of powerful pop stars that are unconventional of the typical musical stereotypes. One of the most heartening sights has been the rise of female musicians who are confident in their capabilities and ready to share their perspectives with listeners across the board. Rising Nigerian pop singer, Phatiah, is one of these musicians. A teen vunderkind, she has been making music for the last three years with the support of her family who have supported this bid.

Earlier releases like Itesiwaju Eko and Education have shown Phatiah’s capacity for belting out vivid pop anthems that are steeped in the wider spirit of Afropop. Her latest single, Jeje takes her music in a new direction, showing a capacity for alchemic world-building in tandem with popular street-hop act, Destiny Boy. The central theme of “Jeje” is keeping one’s self content regardless of any challenges that come in the pursuit of wealth and comfort. Produced by 2T Boyz, the song opens with Phatiah urging her audience to take things easy with her lush voice flowing effectively into Destiny Boy’s raspy verses over a jaunty instrumental crafted to get bodies on the dance floor.

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