Remy Baggins Makes A Springy Return On DJ Java And PsychoYP Assisted ‘Jazz Up’

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Remy Baggins spent the last year proving his exquisite taste to listeners by interpolating anime into stories spun from heartbreak, love, lust, and general life experiences that are as relatable as every other narrative Baggins has put out to develop a niche following for himself in the industry. Still deep in his feelings and ever unafraid to portray them exactly as they come to him, he returns for the first time this year with DJ Java and PsychoYP on Jazz Up, a snare-driven slow burner that capitalizes on his familiarity with love songs and his mastery of diverse but somehow cohesive sounds.

While Baggins and DJ Java join forces to produce a sweeping instrumental that’s most suitable for the former’s artistic direction and to create an experience that’s equal parts extraterrestrial, due to their combination of heady sounds and realistic, dependent on the reliability of the single’s narratives, PsychoYP, joins them as a bridge that connects the logical to the whimsical in his usual methodic delivery of bars that inspire and engage.

More than anything, Jazz Up, is proof that Remy Baggins has lost none of the features that make him unique, not his ability to pull out immersive experiences from a cacophony of sounds or his penchant for love stories.