Laime Is A Bridge To Different Experiences On ‘If Summer Happened’

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All summer long, Laime has been recrafting his version of summer, wielding braggadocios lyrics as his main weapon of expression, despite the absurdity of our new normal which barely allowed for a celebration of summer. This week, in a climactic way made possible by singles that evoke and enliven, and a title that is indicative of his intention, he returns with If Summer Happened, a six-track EP that not only expands the horizons of young adults like the rapper in terms of soundtracks to their lives but appraises Laime’s talent, possibilities and hope for the Hip-hop scene in Nigeria.

Introduced by the earlier released Money Medicine If Summer Happens is no slow burner, instead, it is hinged on Laime’s confidence, one that allows him to tell it how it is, without cutting corners. Its dancehall and bass fusion also smoothly paves the way to an outpour of sounds that don’t conform; from the first lick of synths, the EP appraises experimentalism.

Among other key takeaways, Laime’s expansiveness and desire to reach everyone is most noticeable and from features that pull artists from different strata in the society, this intent is obvious. Zlatan makes the cut on Wellsfargo, the percussion-driven track heavy with engaging metaphors and street slangs. The L.A.X-powered Higher Vibrations also finds Laime veering off course but considering his only alliance is to relatability, this collaboration and the song’s jazzy direction comes as no surprise. PsychoYP and Azanti on Big Up Yo Self and Totally, respectively are the only songs that hint at the old Laime still being present, while the highly personal All Night, ties all the pieces together.

If Summer Happened is not without its share of off keys and looseness in some aspects, but with Laime’s intent ringing true in his compilation of sounds and stories that provoke; introspection, dance, and otherwise, it allows for relatability and acceptance by extension.

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